Does the Premium Shoe Cleaner contain any harmful dyes?
No, our solution does not contain any dyes whatsoever.

Is it safe?
Yes!  Our products were created with safety as a top priority. This product does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives and is completely biodegradable. Not only is it safe to use on your prized sneakers, it’s easy on the environment.

How does Antidote clean, condition & brighten?
The emulsification process quickly removes stubborn soils such as oil, grease, dirt, grass stains, and so on. Natural oil, which is a key element of this product, provides conditioning & brightening after each cleaning.

Where can I use Antidote?
AD is safe to use on all materials including leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, vinyl, rubber, cloth, etc. Its primary use is leather and rubber.

NOTE: When cleaning premium leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, cotton mesh and other delicate materials take extra care and be gentle. 

Is it safe to use on suede and nubuck? If so, how do I clean suede?
Yes, when applied properly, our product is safe and very effective on suede and nubuck but always be very careful and gentle it is not advised to use on dyed suede as it bleeds on contact with water.

NOTE: Suede can be unpredictable due to its textured nature, open pores, and different grades. We suggest that you perform a test in a inconspicuous location first. We don't suggest cleaning dyed suede since it will likely bleed if it comes in contact with water. Use at your own risk as individual results can differ.

What is Antidote Premium Shoe Cleaner made of?
This product is made from natural soaps derived from coconut and jojoba oils.

What if I'm not sure on how to clean a specific type of material?

We are here to help. First, have a look at our cleaning tutorials.
If you're still not sure, just send us an email. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Will Antidote cause “yellowing” to occur on my sneakers? 
Absolutely not. Using Antidote will actually reduce yellowing that has already occurred on sneakers.

What causes “yellowing” on sneakers? 
Midsoles made from synthetic rubber and/or plastic actually bleed plasticizer and coalescence, which over time react with the natural alkaline in soils and turn the sole yellow. UV rays can accelerate this process.

What are your plans for the future?
It's still a secret right now but we can tell you that we are working on exciting things and improvements.